Awake little friend

My name is Smaerd

Come to take you on another journey tonight

Be prepared…..for we will have fun this night

Let me take you on a little walk down aspirations lane

Do you see that man in the tavern window

With his head in a bow

Looking lasciviously from the side of his eyes

At that beautiful lady’s tight clad thighs

His name is Greed

The beautiful lady represents earth’s grid

And all the resources that come with earth’s station

Can you see he has refused the attentions from two other women sat at his table

Women who were his previous lovers

His attention elsewhere, where his gaze is stable

And then another man comes along

He seems to be the lover of the woman in tights….the intimate way he placed his hand at her nape

His name is humane

They have a quick exchange of words

Nothing tender about the exchange

Perhaps they are just friends…

He walks away

She looks awry

Looks round for succour

Greed senses the opportunity and rose from his table

Heads to her table

And touches her elbow

Whispers into her ear nothing

Cos they were all sweet nothings

He leads her away

Glancing back at his former lovers at bay

Who wrung their hands away

At the loss of a love that was never really theirs


(Watch out for another post on Smaerd’s escapades)

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