Smaerd 2

Wake up dear one

Our walk on aspirations lane is not over yet my dear

I Smaerd have more to show and tell you

Starting from when Greed walked away with Earther

So Greed plied Earther with wine

They wined and dined and danced the night away

Earther forgot her worries

She felt tender feelings for handsome Greed

For Greed had a face all-comely and a sight for sore eyes

His body was what mortals would call Adonis-like

If only she knew what lay underneath

She felt tender feelings towards Greed

Her feelings gave her heart and head a sensation akin to swelling

He looked to her like he had the same feelings

And like a balloon they swelled

She gave in to her feelings

Letting them consume her

So they burnt out her eyes

She became blind to any wrongdoing of his

Earther who thinks herself cautious and wise gave in foolishly to Greed

All because of his external appearance

She did not think to look beyond the surface

And so Greed weighed in and plundered

Violating every inch of Earther




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