Another wife, or not

Abedo rolls over in bed

The pillows and mattress snug, caressing her curvaceous body

She had always wondered whether a firmer mattress and pillow will do her body good. The adverts on TV keep preaching that it is good for the back. Her back ached all the time. Ever since she was pregnant with the twins. Five years later she still feels intense pain in her back when she has been lying down for anything more than an hour. The only thing saving her back were the massages Eda gave her daily and the pills her GP gave her. She hated the pills, as they made her quite sick and drowsy so she used them sparingly. However, when the pain bit in deep she bites her lips and takes them.

This morning she had taken some of those pills and Eda just finished massaging her back.  The relief from her pain was delicious, but she couldn’t stop the waves of nausea coursing through her body. From previous experience, she knew her nausea would abate within minutes. All she had to do was concentrate on something else while it passed. She picked up a novel from her bedside table and was flicking through. This made it worse. So she put it down and started taking deep breaths. She had heard this could help with nausea. She could not remember where she heard this from. Thinking about the source of the advice kept her occupied for a few seconds.

Then there was a knock on the door,

Taiwo one of her five-year-old twins popped her head through the doorway, shouted “Good morning” in a gleeful voice and ran over to the bed. She slid in under the duvet in between Abedo and her husband.

She always did this every morning. Kehinde her twin brother would never do this, he always acted too proper. Overt display of affection or snuggling was too much for him.

Taiwo hugged Abedo and Eda and said, “I had a happy dream”.

Abedo was happy to hear this. Taiwo always had one nightmare or the other. The villains in her dreams were usually characters from the TV programs she watched. She had a hyperactive imagination and Eda was very strict on what she watched on TV but the girl would have a nightmare after watching Minnie mouse making ice creams. So there was little Abedo and Eda felt they could do about this.

This morning Taiwo kept chatting away as usual and then she turned to Eda “Is mummy your wife?” she asked. Eda said “Yes”. She always asked this question and always got the same reply. But today Taiwo asked more questions “Daddy, why don’t you have another wife?”.

Eda said with a straight face “Ask your mummy”.

So she said “Mummy! Mummy! Why can’t daddy have another wife?”.

Abedo ignored her but then she asked again “Mummy why can’t daddy have a new wife?”.

Abedo had to remind herself this was her own five-year-old daughter talking and so she replied taking care to keep any bias from her voice.

“Do you like your school?” Taiwo nodded her head and said, “Yes, yes”.

Then Abedo asked; “Do you want someone that will stop daddy from sending you to school?”.

Taiwo shook her head.

Then Abedo asked again “Do you like your food?” Taiwo nodded her head.

“Do you want someone that won’t give you food when you are hungry?”

Taiwo shook her head side to side, shaking it as vigorously as the sides of the pillow hugging her head would allow.

Abedo said with a straight face “And so that is why daddy will not be marrying a second wife”. She saw the expression on Taiwo’s face was still questioning, so she continued “Because a second wife will stop you from going to school and she will make you go without food”. And then Abedo added with a sweet smile, “She will also cause daddy’s head to fall off”.

Taiwo looked alarmed, turned to Eda and whispered, “Daddy please don’t marry a second wife”.

Abedo smiled inwardly, Eda burst out laughing while Taiwo’s face looked puzzled for the poor girl had no idea what just happened. She would later have nightmares about daddy’s head falling off.

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