My Knight

I am dancing in a frenzy

Twisting and shaking away

I  cannot stop myself

Moving to her beats

So did my helpless feet

Onlookers are clapping

They are cheering

Not sure if I danced faster

Or my moves got better

But they clapped harder

Then I felt myself falling

I could not stop falling

She continued beating

I fell, but my muscles kept moving

To her beats they twisted

She did not run to my aid

They did not either

The onlookers

They watched by the side

While I lay dispirited

Then he came to me

My sunken heart lifted

Someone had come to my aid

He called himself Hope

He tried hard to lift me

But I was too heavy

So he laid by my side

Telling me stories of those before

I felt lighter

The weight ebbing away

Then he tried again

I was back on my feet

Dancing to her beats

For not once did Fate stop drumming


via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

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