Month: January 2017

A time past

A whiff Eyes close reflexly For the nose to do a vital job Savour a delicious medley of scents Want to hold on tight forever Dip in unseen vapours Of nostalgia     Photo credit: MIH83 via Daily Prompt: Scent

Did I leave an echo?

  Our love far gone Does it echo to you? Do you recall the strength of our bond? Do you reminisce getting lost in the pool of my eyes? You rolled in their depths from dusk till dawn My fingers brought you to life My voice cuddled you to sleep   Then life happened   … Continue reading Did I leave an echo?

The different shades of yellow

I am undecided on the colour yellow   Its different shades draw me close With the promise of a new flower Its core and petals a sight for sore eyes With the break of a new dawn and setting of an old sun A beautiful breach in the line where sky meets land With the … Continue reading The different shades of yellow


As the day wore on, Eda became more and more restless about his situation. He thought about his background and how he could not believe he had gotten himself into his current state. He had been born with a silver spoon dangling from his lips, being the first grandson of the extremely successful Lagos entrepreneur, … Continue reading Eda

A simple explanation

I once told a man ridden with pimples That I thought he was simple But his face crumpled So I explained my angle That his heart had goodness in ample That he was easy going without a grumble Even when his tummy rumbled That simple is not always for silly people When I finished, his … Continue reading A simple explanation

What’s ten to you?

I like number ten What brings one and zero close Than the number ten   She hates number ten That failure follows a win Depresses her so   He cares not for ten He thinks its just a number Our views baffle him   Image credit: ArtsyBee via Daily Prompt: Ten

One crack

One crack was all it took And Life as you knew it flew away to return never Fits replace early morning kisses from your lover The smell of fresh air from morning walks gone forever Replaced by whiffs of unpleasantness from your excreta Now that you have nappies In place of g-strings You are left … Continue reading One crack