A bun in the making

Abedo, Eda and the twins had just finished their daily morning prayers. The holy-ghost had been invoked again this morning and she was so sure it was going to be a great day ahead. Her back pain had not recurred. But since Taiwo burst into their room and into their bed that morning, she and Eda had been on their feet. Both of them got out of bed and went about their early morning routine which always culminated with prayers just before breakfast. Their 15 year old house girl, Wunmi, had bathed and dressed the twins in their school uniform. They were now all dressed for the day and sat at their large marble dining table, set to eat breakfast. The grace had been said. As Abedo prepared to dig into her fried eggs and yam, she felt another wave of nausea. This time, the nausea was very intense and she could feel the bile on her tongue. She knew she needed the bathroom immediately. Abedo pushed back the chair she was sat in hurriedly, to Eda’s worried look.

He asked in his baritone voice, “What is going on dear?”

She did not answer as she fled to the visitor’s bathroom. This was one of the days she was glad Eda had won the argument on having an extra bathroom downstairs when their architect was enquiring about what their requirements were for the house. She had wanted few bathrooms. She believed strongly in Feng shui doctrines which advocated as few bathrooms as possible in a house. Something about the toilets draining resources from the home but Eda was having none of it. He still could not get his head around her being a Christian and believing in Feng shui despite her telling him repeatedly that they were two different things.

In the bathroom she heaved and heaved, only small amounts of whitish saliva made it through, though she felt she had more to give to the drains. Eda came in, rubbed the small of her back through her crisp shirt, saying in a soft voice “Are you okay?”. This time she could respond. She whispered “Yes, I am. The painkillers are giving me grief.”

Eda looked at her quizzically, “You took them a while ago. Don’t you think it unusual for you to still have nausea this bad after such a long interval?”

She turned to him with a weak smile and said, “I guess some days are just worse than others. Don’t worry about it. I feel better already. Let’s go back to the dining room”. She wiped her face with some water, thinking that she would have to redo her makeup.

Abedo and Eda returned to the dining room. Wunmi had kept the twins calm throughout and the children were eating their breakfast though they looked up with worried looks at Abedo as she walked in. Abedo went over to hug them and said in a stronger voice “Mummy is fine my darlings. Don’t worry”. She kissed their cheeks and dimpled smiles came up on their faces. Now content that everyone was reassured, Abedo sat back at her place to finish her breakfast.

She waited for Eda to leave with the twins, then she rushed to her and Eda’s bedroom to retrieve a long forgotten pregnancy test kit from the drawer of her bedside table. An extra kit she had bought 12 months ago when she had a pregnancy scare after forgetting to use her pills. At the time Eda had reminded her about his plans which did not include another child ever. She stopped her pills then and had changed to the copper coil to prevent any pregnancy. Her doctor had reassured her that they were more effective than the pills. She knew this too because she was a nurse. However, today, she did not know why, but she felt a deep fear. She thought with dread, “Could the coil have failed?”.

She raced to the bathroom a second time to use the kit. Abedo urinated on the stick, placed it on the sink and waited as instructed. After a few seconds, she could feel her heart sinking as the second bar which indicated a positive test turned light pink and then a deep pink.

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