As the day wore on, Eda became more and more restless about his situation. He thought about his background and how he could not believe he had gotten himself into his current state.

He had been born with a silver spoon dangling from his lips, being the first grandson of the extremely successful Lagos entrepreneur, Bankole Badmus who was now late. His father, Lekan Badmus became the only surviving child of Bankole Badmus when his twin sisters died from leukaemia. This made Lekan Badmus the sole heir to his father’s sprawling estate and fat bank accounts. Lekan Badmus was famed for his love of parties, fast cars, alcohol and women. His father’s wealth ensured that this flamboyant lifestyle was well funded. He was coveted as a husband or just a lover by women across the country. Many prepared to just get pregnant for him thinking that would ensure a lifetime source of money. Being a very rich and famous Nigerian Muslim man, it was not surprising, that after Lekan Badmus’s first marriage from which he had three children, he married two other women. He had three children each from the two other women. His three wives did not live together because he was unable to cope with the pressures of all three women living under the same roof. They were scattered all over the country and he journeyed back and forth between his wives except his first wife. His relationship with his first wife, Bukola, had denigrated so that they were not on speaking terms and he did not feel responsible for the care of his children by her.

Eda was the first child from his first marriage and had been named by his grandfather after his favourite Yoruba TV actor. The meaning of Eda was “a kind of creation”. It was an unusual name in Yoruba land which got him teased a lot during his years in secondary school and University.

Eda was supposed to have grown up without lacking for money, without feeling the pangs of hunger or knowing what it was for his mother to run from pillar to post to make sure his school fees were paid on time. But because of the difficulties in his mother’s relationship with his father, their financial situation was not very good. His father did not see why he should foot the bill for his first wife and her children because he felt she was too arrogant and unyielding to his demands. Eda’s mother was a very proud but hardworking woman who without much support from her husband was able to give her boy and two girls a good education. She made her living from the banking industry which was a tough sector to work in Nigeria because of the never ending targets, complexity and corruption of the sector. She was born a Christian, although she had converted to Islam after marrying her husband. Her values as a born Christian put a strain on her relationship with her husband when she refused to support his decision to take on more wives because it was not part of her beliefs and not something she could comprehend. She converted back to Christianity when she separated from her husband

Mostly singlehandedly she raised her children. When her father in law was alive, her children had wanted for nothing even though Lekan had not been interested in their upkeep because Bankole Badmus always took care of family. However, as soon as her father in law passed away, Lekan made sure she and her children did not see a penny of whatever inheritance his father left them. She had been wise during the years that her father in law had been alive. She had invested a lot then, buying a lot of shares in various companies. With the dividends from her shares coupled with the borrowing facilities that working in a banking sector afforded her, she was able to live a fairly comfortable life with her children.

Bukola Badmus brought up her children to know the value of working for money and to be very independent and hardworking. She knew her hard work paid off when her children successfully completed their education and got good jobs. Eda became a chartered accountant working for an oil company, while his two younger sisters both became doctors and got jobs in teaching hospitals where they were specialising. Bukola also tried to teach her children about the sanctity of marriage even though hers was not a shining example to follow but she tried her best. Making sure she and the children went to church regularly where they listened to sermons. She ensured that she kept close, her own family members and friends who were in stable monogamous marriages so that they could be an example for her children to follow. All three children were now married and Bukola felt she did something right and her troubles were over. That she had equipped her children with good morals and necessary life skills to cope with whatever came their way and to live a life without scruples.

Fully aware of his mother’s standards, Eda knew that her heart would break when she heard what he had been up to. Thinking more about what her reaction would be caused him to be more restless. He paced up and down his office as his thoughts fleeted from his mother to Abedo then back to his mother.

He would be meeting Dayo his very close childhood friend after work in a few hours and he could not wait to share his fears and seek his advice.

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