Chronicles of a girl boarder



Squat!!!!” They squealed, all three of them red in the face with anger

“How could a junior be so confident?” They thought

“Another pair of wings to break!” One of them shouted.

They had asked for her bowl of rice

But she would not let it go

She grabbed onto it like her life depended on it

It did! It was her dinner.

This junior had not eaten all day

Because the senior girls had chanced her breakfast and lunch

She was new to the game

She just arrived the boarding house the day before

Her new friends tried to catch her eye

Wanting to tell her to let it go

That it was not worth the punishment that would follow

But she did not look in their direction

All she thought was “I am hungry and I will eat this bowl of rice. It is mine.”

She had made a resolution

No one would take it from her

She squatted as requested

But they had more for her to do


Her hands stretched out in front of her,

And with her bowl of rice balanced atop her head,

She squatted

There she remained for three hours even after the bowl of rice had tumbled off her head. It’s contents strewn on the floor.

Her quadriceps ached, her eyes were red from crying and her mouth was dry from thirst and hunger

However her heart was glad.

For these ugly trio of seniors did not get her bowl of rice.





Photo credit: mikuratv

Key (Slangs used in this junior’s boarding house)

Chance(d)- to bully


via Daily Prompt: Squat

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