Unfortunate soul


Dead man: Unfortunate, you made my soul

You lied, you and your globe too

An imaginary world you created

How could I have doubted you

Your magic reached far and wide

Now I must take with me you

This soul must have its revenge

It will not rest till you are dead


Seer: Crimson red rich silk on your skin

Gold sceptre in your hand

I saw him place it on your crown

With one voice you were hailed

By men on bended knees

While you lorded over them

I swear, I saw you on the throne

Or could this globe fail me now


Dead man: Oh yes Seer, you saw true

I was made king like you said

But the crown was laced with Gu

Gu that sank into my skull

Flowed in my veins and stopped my breath

Your crime is you saw brief

I was king but for one day

Now you must come along with me


Seer: You asked if you’d be king

Were you not king like I told?

I follow you not to your fall

For I have committed not a crime


Dead man: Yes, a king indeed I was

But you left out a salient truth

That the path would be to my end

How could you, Seer, not have known


Seer: Unfortunate soul, I knew this not

Though if I did, I couldn’t tell

I only answer the question asked

My master must have his soul

One way or another way


Dead man: Woe, be on to you and your kind

Man knows not of your traps

Else, they would come near you not

Fellow men, heed my voice

Seers colour lies in truth


Image credit: darksouls1

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

6 thoughts on “Unfortunate soul

    1. Chuffed you like it😊. Re: photography- No more than anyone with a mobile phone really. The images I use are usually from pixabay. Few of them were taken by me.


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