Me, Julia and Peter




Let’s first talk about Julia.

You see,

She was my lover

A pretty, trusting woman,

Whom I loved like no other.

I, was a soldier

Away in Afghanistan.

After six months beyond border,

I came home from the war front.

I was met by a smiling, chubbier Julia,

Waiting in her flowing Kaftan.

When I wanted to hold her,

She told me not to bother,

That she was with Peter.

Filled with anger,

I mowed her with my new car.


Fled and hid undercover,

Where sleep was a nightmare.

Home abandoned, 

I was in the cold all winter

Dark had gone my Karma.

The news didn’t help either.

You see,

Julia died heavy with a male child 

I forgot she wanted to name our first son Peter,

After her father.

The poor girl had nurtured a surprise

She thought priceless

For a hot headed lover.

I tried hard then harder

To forget my actions,

To forget my Julia,

To forget our Peter.

But nay,

There was no shelter

For a man with my burden.

I died a loser

Two months later.

My hands, the noose and the tree branch pled guilty.

My temper,

My tears, 

And pleas,

Couldn’t save my doomed soul.





Image credit: cocoparisienne

via Daily Prompt: Priceless

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