Month: April 2018

Her Secret

"Ye shall cross paths With a man of greatness He shall be your succour, Your comfort, lover, And your friend. His name shall start with the letter in my cup." She looked in the cup and saw an 'M'. Patiently she waited. She gave preference to Mark, Miles and Michael. She met no such man … Continue reading Her Secret

The prison I love

  Oh, how I love her fingers seeking me out Beneath the counterpane. With one touch, I become her prisoner. Her arms, my jail bars. My favourite place after a day's toil.     ©Aweni Image credit:

Not one of ’em

  I was born a romp or what some call a tomboy. I was besties with Tobi, Dick and Tom. We fought, played and laughed. We roamed the streets Playing video games, Racing kites, And Playing dice. I was one of 'em, Until nature struck. Through no fault of mine, I stumbled on how to … Continue reading Not one of ’em


    Smaerd said to him, "today I shall share a short story with you and you shall tell me what you think." He sat down at Smaerd's feet. Keen for him to get started. It had been ages Smaerd had told him any story. His interest was piqued. His ears ballooned, ready to take … Continue reading Kindred