He says, she says



Smaerd takes me on a walk again today.

We see a man and a woman sat as though meditating but they were not. They were deep in discussion.

She says, “There is a God.”

He says, “I disagree.”

She asks why.

He asks, “Where is God when a five-year-old child is raped? When the rich gets away with plundering the poor and the helpless? Where is he when new babes are born sick and in pain, when people, old and young die of hunger?”

She says, “I have been told the sins of the fathers could be visited on future generations.”

He says, “Then God must be cruel to punish an innocent for another’s sin.”

She says, “I am told we cannot always understand his ways.”

He says, “How convenient that must be for you.”

She reflects.


He asks her with a smirk, “What about wars and injustice? Why can’t God stop all these? After all, you say he is powerful and can bend all to his will.”

She says, “They are all tests. Everything is a test, good health, poor health, children, riches, happiness, relationships, war, poverty, barrenness, failures, success, famine, injustice. There is a test for man in all these things.”

“To what end are these tests?” He asks.

“To decide if a man is deserving of a place in heaven or hell.” She says. 

He asks, “Do you like the mafia?”

She replied. “No I don’t.”

He says, “this God you talk about works like a Mafioso. Wiping out people because they offend him, remember Noah and his ark, Sodom and Gomorrah and and those other tales in your holy books. Giving out favours or adversities to whomsoever he pleases whenever he pleases regardless of how bad or good at heart they are.”

She states, “that is part of the test he has prescribed for man and it is a demonstration of his mightiness.”

He does not understand and he does not back down. He says “most of the holy books that guide you, have discrepancies in them.”

She does not understand his inability to accept her explanations either. She replies “I know. Remember that they have all been handled by man and his self serving nature.”

He asks, “So how do you know which part is true?”

She replies, “It is not rocket science to know right from wrong. You do not need a book to tell you. Innately, you know.”

He reflects.


He asks, “What about others that believe in the books and cannot differentiate between right and wrong? Why does God allow man use his words for his self serving nature. Do you see how man controls others with God’s words? Surely, this gave birth to the inquisitions, the witch trials, religious terrorism and many other atrocities commited against human kind where millions of innocents suffer in his name. Why does God sit still and do nothing as man makes mockery of his words? Why can’t God stop man from doing these terrible things?”

She says, ” God has given man free will for which he shall give account in the end. This is not for you or I to judge.”

“Again, how very convenient,” he says.

She reflects.


He asks, “what evidence of God do you have? Tell me and perhaps you will change my mind yet.”

She says, “the proof of his existence is in all things. In living, breathing, eating, drinking, all our emotions, joy, sadness, hope, birth, war, inequalities, sickness, death. Our perfect composition is proof of his existence. The cosmos working perfectly together is proof of his existence. His existence is proven in all things.”

He replies, “all non specific. Science, human psychology, philosophy can explain all that you say. It is natural to go through them just like any other animal that lives, just like generations before us did.”

She asks, “who says there were any before you? Your science books?”

She shakes her head, paused then continues, “until humans creates life, believe there is something greater than man and some call him God.”

He says, “I am not convinced. How could God have created man when science shows that man evolved from early neanderthals? Every stage of evolution is an adaptation of man to best survive his environment.”

She replies, “if you are familiar with your geography and biology, you will understand the scriptures are true. You see, the scriptures say man was created from dust. So does your science. Do you not know that the ratio of composition of man’s minerals or electrolytes is the same as that found in the earth?”

He seems taken aback, but only for a moment.

She continues, “then God’s breath perfected man. That thing,  no human nor science can create. That puzzle piece that man seeks but will never find.”

He reflects, but says, “Yet! You mean breath that man hasn’t been able to create, yet! Give him more time.”

She scoffs.

He asks, “why does God ban homosexuality in the scriptures when up to ten per cent of animals have been shown to be homosexual?”

She replies, “why do men not pounce on women that pique their interests like animals would? Why does man not kill his babes like some animals would? Why does man not go live in the jungle like animals would, if he is so intent on acting like one? God gave man the ability to reason for a purpose.”

He does not agree but he is getting tired, she is too and I suppose you must be too. I wasn’t. 

He persists. He says, “science has shown proof that the start of the world, the whole cosmos was set off by a big bang. What do you have to say about that?”

She says, “the start of life is genesis. God said ‘let there be light’ and there it was.”

He smiles at her reasoning.

She smiles at his too.

This brought an end to their discuss.

They would continue another day.

Today they were both tired. Besides a consensus on man’s self serving nature, neither agreed with the other…..yet.

He continues to reflect.

She continues to reflect.

I reflect too

I hope you do too.



Image: geralt


11 thoughts on “He says, she says

  1. This raises very serious existential questions. It tries to tackle a lot of mindboggling questions. I love the fact that you kept the floor open, you seem to suggest that the questions are innumerable and the quest for meaning is an unending one. Most importantly, you seem to suggest it’s a personal quest. A journey we should all unilaterally take. This is beautiful to an indescribable feat.

    Liked by 2 people

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