Life and Death


I muse about Life and Death, and it is revealed to me that they are two of a kind. Standing side by side. Touching, but not feeling, neither encroaching. They exist in harmony as they swirl in turns over the bridge of Time. Deep in the crevices of my mind, the knowledge that all souls that taste Life must Death’s call honour, is stirred. But my mind encases this knowledge with a cloak of invisibility so that I may romance Life to the fullest. She is my preferred option after all.

With a vow of death,
Life’s sweet taste caressed his tongue
Until death’s harsh call.

It is thought that neither Death nor Life triumphs over the other. In most matters, yes, this is the truth, but not in the realm of vision where Death triumphs. I am told we are all blind until the day we bade farewell to Life. But, I remain stoic and will not be derailed, as my mind’s cloak of invisibility thickens. I revel in this darkness. Sight can wait.

Blind, she weeps for him.
Sightful, he kissed his love’s lips.
She felt his lips not.



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This two layered Haibun post is in response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge.

The prompts for this week’s challenge are synonyms of DIGNITY and SUCCESS.


17 thoughts on “Life and Death

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and like. I am going to look for Gibran’s the Prophet right away. Sounds like a sermon I will love, Thank you again 🙂

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