Today, it rained. I saw thunder and lightning dance in the heavens as earth became soft and yielding with the showers. I begged Smaerd to tell me of rain. He looked at me and said “tell me what you know.” My mind quivered as I looked inwards into my own thoughts, for this was a question I had never ruminated on. Eventually I spoke and the following words came out of my mouth, “they believe it is an abundance of Earth made from Earth for Earth. However, I beg to differ and say it is the lovemaking between Heaven and Earth. Lightning and thunder, their orgasm. Rain is a nurturing string that keeps the heart of Earth beating and the lungs of Heaven breathing. Sometimes theirs is a quickie, other times, they make no haste.”

Tasteless elixir
Douses his thirst and her needs.
A union of light.

Smaerd smiled at me. He says “tell me more.”
More words came off  my tongue, “let it not be said that Heaven stops loving Earth when rain ceases. The rivers and seas are a relic of their love. So are the flowers and the trees. Their love has no end. But like all lovers, now and again, they are plagued with lovers’ tiffs. We feel it in the drought as Heaven begs Earth for attention. It might take days, months or even years but in the end, Earth will forgive out of love or need…..it is not for me to judge…..and Heaven will shower rain on Earth once more.” I turned to Smaerd, “that is all my lips will speak,” and he said to me, “that is enough. For now.”

Slow death it will be,
For these twain hearts so destined,
Should love’s scent be lost.


Image credit: https://www.google.com/amp/greatinspire.com/most-romantic-couples-photography-in-rain/amp/


This two layered Haibun post is in response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge.

The prompts for this week’s challenge are synonyms of HURRY and LAST.


19 thoughts on “Rain

    1. 😊😊😊😊it means so so much coming from you Colleen. Because of you I learnt more about the Haibun. I wrote my first last week and realised how much fun they were and now they are my favourite form of poetic expression. Again, I must say “thank you Colleen for all you do.”

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  1. Beautifully written prose-poetry. Emotionally intense. The two haiku are very nice too. Love the image of the union between Heaven and Earth, as if making love and having an orgasm. You could not have written this better, with such delicacy and tenderness. Thank you for the follow. It is wonderful to have an awesome writer like you following my humble attempts. This post of yours is really one of the best I have read. Loved it!


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