How Norman found his mind


Below, is a brief tale of how Norman found his own mind.

It all happened on a sunny day in King’s college.
Twelve year old Norman was a bit sleepy.
It was time for reading but his head kept nodding to sleep’s music. No matter how hard he resisted.

“Ha!”, smiling with glee, was Mr Patrick, the class teacher, when he caught sight of Norman.
Mr Patrick loved it when his pupils tripped up.
Bringing them to his cracked heels with some ten or so lashes, made him some warped type of happy.

So it was with pleasure, that he brought his whip down hard on the seating.
Not once, but two times.

The sound of whipping
Made little Norman jump from where he was seating.
Very startled and shaking,
He had to explain his catnap
To our dear Mr Patrick.

As with human nature,
He had to blame something,
Someplace or someone.
Then, an eureka moment!
A lie had popped in his small head.
This lie had rolled out his little small mouth
Before he did any thinking.

Norman said “I feel unwell, I was in a lot of pain. That’s why I was sleeping.”
But Mr Patrick knew
This to be a tall tale.
But, to indulge our little Norman,
He asked with a straight face
where he felt his pain.

Norman panicked at the question.
But then another eureka moment.
And a second lie rolled off
his little pink tongue,
Before he did any thinking.
“Sir, the pain….. was in my mind”
“Oh really?!”, asked Mr Patrick.
“Pray do tell, where by God that is.”

Norman’s right hand came up real fast,
Right up to his chest.
Then it slowed down
As it moved up and down
His chest, abdomen and face.
His hand repeated the cycle, knowing not where to rest.

Mr Patrick stood smiling,
Deliriously happy,
Trembling at the thought
Of another smooth skin
Kissing his long whip.

It was after several whips,
And a lot of weeping,
That it hit Norman
That his mind was abstract
And had no home in his physical body.
Though some may beg to differ and say their mind resides, solely in their brain. While others may disagree and say it resides solely, in their heart. Or, could it be both? Others may muse.

I, myself and Norman will like to learn more. We wonder where you do think your mind to be.           Pray, do tell.

They ask where I live.
Unaware I am their soul.
Name it, I live there.


Image- MoteOo. Smileys inserted by Aweni😁, just because they were too smiley for this tale.

9 thoughts on “How Norman found his mind

  1. I agree, Consciousness everywhere at once. Even physically the mind doesn’t solely reside in your gray matter. Brain cells have been found inside the heart and stomach/gut.
    Thought, emotion, intuition.
    There’s hardly ever a straight line drawn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting perspective…..brain cells in the gut….that might be why some people’s emotions reflect in their gut…….medics call it IBS…..while brain cells in the heart may be why the heart literally hurts when one suffers a disappointment….called heartbreak…..really interesting.

      Ps. Thank you for dropping by sweets.


  2. Hahaha…. Funny and educative. This is a wonderful piece I will like to share. When I was much younger, I used to think my mind is my heart or it’s somewhere around there not until I learnt it’s abstract. Thank you for this, mama Aweni. Let’s keep flying.

    With love from OldNaija

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