A stage, a market place, I have been called many names. But few know my real name.
I tell it to whom I wish.
A lucky few will heed those before and learn my secrets. Many would rather hear from the horse’s mouth while they wine and dine me.
I do not blame them. I am a maiden not vain but cognizant of her beauty and allure. Some call me a seductress. My wiles are second to none. No man meets me and isn’t smitten.

A pause in his path
Teased, besotted, tricked then lost
Another consumed

You shall be the closest to my heart or so shall I let you perceive it. Your head shall lay on my ample bosom and your mouth suckle from my full breasts.
My love is fickle, so do not be dismayed when sweet milk turns sour and do not be overjoyous should sour become sweet.
I shall lay many tasks at your feet. None shall determine your fate.
I could wrap you in gold and bath you in riches. I could wrap you in waste and bath you in sluice juice.
The choice is mine

Wiser men’s words lost
On their tomb he danced and spat
While She empties all

I am a mirage. If you do not believe me try to tether me to your side. One minute I am with you, the next you are alone. Our memories, your deeds and trepidation are all I’ll leave you with. Your costume ragged or golden shall turn to dust and become your shroud.
We have no choice.
Since you are here I shall tell you my real name. It is Impermanence.

It’s time to bid ciao
He heads home coffers empty
A loser indeed


Image credit- AdinaVoicu


This Haibun is in response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge

The prompts for this week’s challenge are AFRAID and GRAVE (synonyms only).


15 thoughts on “Vita

    1. 😃 you spoil me with your kind comments. Not sure if I am really back though. Finding it difficult to be consistent with my writings. So many things to do and Time just won’t wait for me. But I will keep trying.😊


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