I wish

    I wish I could tell you all I wish I could convey to you how I feel. I wish I could tailor my words to suit my emotions to perfection. But, They keep fading away into thin air as soon as they form. Leaving a blank slate in their wake.       … Continue reading I wish


Mumble, bumble! They all grumble! Living in a bubble, They were not humble Nor grateful. Until, POP went the bubble,  And out they all tumbled.     Image credit: Bilder meines lebens via Daily Prompt: Bumble

Ignoring the senses

I hang on to his words.   I see not, The darkness that he brought, Nor the pink stain on his coat.   I smell not, The hate on his breath, Nor her perfume on his shirt.   I taste not, The bitterness of his kiss, Nor the blood on my lips.   I feel … Continue reading Ignoring the senses

STOP the cutting

    Tête-à-tête In the beginning, they were but whispers of ample sized women. Mother was their queen. Then, father agreed.   Sealed! Stamped! My fate is decided. To the chalk faced man we must now head! Mother told me in her gentle voice, the rites must be done to protect my loins. Yet my … Continue reading STOP the cutting

What do we know?

    Those before Edison knew no light bulb. Or did they?   Those before the Wright duo, knew not of manmade birds. Or did they?   Those before Fleming, knew not of antibiotics Or did they?   Just a few years ago, you were told there were nine planets. Now you know better. I … Continue reading What do we know?

I became them

  I remember, setting foot on this soil. One whiff, and I was an addict. The heartbeat of the locals, sounded like, those of siblings left behind. Yet, mine was lonely, They were no siblings. Only strangers. Mine was; Longing and missing, a life about to go past. Nervous and excited, about the future. Wanting … Continue reading I became them


I was born placed in several bottles. Sometimes, one is inside the other. One of them is the nationality bottle In that bottle is another The ethnicity bottle And several others Don't let me start here. I seek to tear them down. To break out of these bottles For I believe I am much more. … Continue reading Bottles