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As the day wore on, Eda became more and more restless about his situation. He thought about his background and how he could not believe he had gotten himself into his current state. He had been born with a silver spoon dangling from his lips, being the first grandson of the extremely successful Lagos entrepreneur, … Continue reading Eda

We are pregnant!

Abedo woke up in the middle of the night. Her eyes stared into the darkness for a few minutes while she listened to Eda’s snores. His snores used to keep her from sleeping every night but over the years she had become quite desensitised to them and found that she slept soundly through them now. … Continue reading We are pregnant!


Wunmi was dusting the last piece of furniture. She had been washing and cleaning since the children left for school. Her employer, Abedo had just left as well. As she finished her duties for the morning she allowed her thoughts rest on her madam. Abedo had always tried to show her some kindness. Kindness that … Continue reading Wunmi

It slipped!

Abedo could not believe it. After an uncomfortable internal examination followed by an ultrasound, her doctor said the coil had moved out of place. She also confirmed that Abedo was eight weeks pregnant. Abedo’s doctor was a middle-aged, smallish looking lady, who always dressed quite brightly, too flashy for a doctor in Abedo’s opinion. Her … Continue reading It slipped!

A bun in the making

Abedo, Eda and the twins had just finished their daily morning prayers. The holy-ghost had been invoked again this morning and she was so sure it was going to be a great day ahead. Her back pain had not recurred. But since Taiwo burst into their room and into their bed that morning, she and … Continue reading A bun in the making

Another wife, or not

Abedo rolls over in bed The pillows and mattress snug, caressing her curvaceous body She had always wondered whether a firmer mattress and pillow will do her body good. The adverts on TV keep preaching that it is good for the back. Her back ached all the time. Ever since she was pregnant with the … Continue reading Another wife, or not