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Leeches in my blood

  Have you heard? There are leeches in my blood Draining the life out of me   Society has labelled me Tagging me untouchable They stand judging me   Even though these leeches Already cripple me In my mind and in my bones   Grisly leeches Memoirs of a time gone Times now rued   … Continue reading Leeches in my blood


It is dark And darkness shields all things evil It shields his hands His groping and hurtful hands I feel fear, gut wrenching Seeping into my skin and what lies underneath I hear the shallow and rapid beatings of my heart I ask a question knowing there would be no answer What is this? I … Continue reading Violated

One crack

One crack was all it took And Life as you knew it flew away to return never Fits replace early morning kisses from your lover The smell of fresh air from morning walks gone forever Replaced by whiffs of unpleasantness from your excreta Now that you have nappies In place of g-strings You are left … Continue reading One crack

A healer’s love

Tired muscles, aching bones Barely able to lift a foot Yet to and fro, he walks the grounds Gut rumbling away and begging for food Fatigue denies him an appetite for this While time cheats his growling gut Rolling into a measly one Disner, lunch and his supper He hears his eiderdown's plea to encase … Continue reading A healer’s love

Musings of a scholar

How dare you creep in steadily Giving no inkling to your presence Fooling us with vague signs Cryptic messages you give physicians No one senses you Not even your doomed host Until you take off your mask To reveal a face of death Leaving a wreck in your wake   So you enjoy besieging futures … Continue reading Musings of a scholar

The man that was me

In a steady flow going down this drain, My life blood drained on, leaving pain. A deep searing pain, but I felt it not. For by my own I have been burnt. My once tender soul destroyed. Torn asunder by my beloved. My head is bent, in a bow. Who will want me now? Was … Continue reading The man that was me

Multiple sclerosis

I am the silent afflictor My sufferer clueless Because I thread in stealthily I can blur the sight Or weaken an arm, a leg or the throat Sometimes I spend her penny without her permission Other times I just hold her tongue and tire her out I am a diagnostic dilemma to many physicians And … Continue reading Multiple sclerosis