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Those eyes on you Dark and green Deeply engraved on your bark Sees all, yet so silent You look out on to the lush green plain Little creatures with tails in question marks scurry all over your green hair Then they invade your limbs and all that is spread before you with abandon Yet you … Continue reading Unwavering

Your future awaits

  Turn your face away and towards the light Leave behind past patterns, despairing and dark Abstract from your thoughts your tumultuous past and leave them behind this mesh fence of steel Image credit: Jake Oates

Chronicles of a girl boarder

  "Squat!!!!" They squealed, all three of them red in the face with anger "How could a junior be so confident?" They thought "Another pair of wings to break!" One of them shouted. They had asked for her bowl of rice But she would not let it go She grabbed onto it like her life … Continue reading Chronicles of a girl boarder

A star in the making

Do you see The star within The hidden diamond   Do you recognise The dedication The spirit of a fighter   Or would you lose your chance To eat with a queen To dine with a king   Or are you destined to say I knew her once I recognised not what was within   … Continue reading A star in the making

My Specifications

Today I told my friend what I wanted   I said Big but not loud Dark and strong I visualised it and I couldn't help but giggle She also giggled and asked me to continue   I said A brush of sexiness Oozing coolness I smiled some more for I was so excited at the … Continue reading My Specifications