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The home I remember

  The home I remember, Was in a town called Kaduna. There was succour for every member. A mixture of all tribes in Nigeria. Hearts were filled with love for neighbours. Children were allowed fun times, With no fear of Mr Cyber. The streets were our play ground. We moved only for the few cars … Continue reading The home I remember


  Her perfect slim form, A temptation to man and woman, Rise from the shimmering waters. Her graceful form break through the rivulets with every stride. Her movements in the sea was amble and confident like she was Poisedon's very own mistress. So graceful, carefree and light afoot, The birds were jealous.   The sea … Continue reading Inhabit

In search

I'm  lost In my search Where do I go Whom do I ask What do I read If or when it comes If or when I'm told If or when I read Would I believe Or will I keep searching For what is right in front of me For what is closer to me than … Continue reading In search

A king, yet a slave

    Like lanterns in the dark Your eyes shine through the fog Your remarkable body glides. Cutting through the air with your every step Stealthily, Yet, Kingly. The sun has risen to kiss the earth. And now they must kiss your throat. You make hay while the sun and earth make love. Because, When … Continue reading A king, yet a slave

Sated lust

  Taut muscles, beads of sweat, eyes clenched shut, It's hardwork not to halt. Though, a minute is barely past.   Tightly, she holds on to you. She would not let go. For it is not time yet. It's her way. It's her style. It's what you lusted for.   You body tells you, You … Continue reading Sated lust

I wish

    I wish I could tell you all I wish I could convey to you how I feel. I wish I could tailor my words to suit my emotions to perfection. But, They keep fading away into thin air as soon as they form. Leaving a blank slate in their wake.       … Continue reading I wish


Those eyes on you Dark and green Deeply engraved on your bark Sees all, yet so silent You look out on to the lush green plain Little creatures with tails in question marks scurry all over your green hair Then they invade your limbs and all that is spread before you with abandon Yet you … Continue reading Unwavering

Your future awaits

  Turn your face away and towards the light Leave behind past patterns, despairing and dark Abstract from your thoughts your tumultuous past and leave them behind this mesh fence of steel Image credit: Jake Oates

Chronicles of a girl boarder

  "Squat!!!!" They squealed, all three of them red in the face with anger "How could a junior be so confident?" They thought "Another pair of wings to break!" One of them shouted. They had asked for her bowl of rice But she would not let it go She grabbed onto it like her life … Continue reading Chronicles of a girl boarder

A star in the making

Do you see The star within The hidden diamond   Do you recognise The dedication The spirit of a fighter   Or would you lose your chance To eat with a queen To dine with a king   Or are you destined to say I knew her once I recognised not what was within   … Continue reading A star in the making