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An ode to, or a curse on Mary

  I say, "it is as you like it." Lola said; Curses on to women, Past and present. For the burden you created. For wrapping my fate in a foil of lies, Attractive to the less discerning eye. For placing the pen in my hand and moving the ladle to the other. For letting him … Continue reading An ode to, or a curse on Mary

My High

  Each one of my cells vibrates, Lifting up an inch Then another Until I am lifted. Detached from my body, My soul soars. With the doves I fly. Not satisfied, I sail high Then higher, To the seventh heavens. My form weightless, I slip In and out Of worm holes And through galaxies. The … Continue reading My High


  Her perfect slim form, A temptation to man and woman, Rise from the shimmering waters. Her graceful form break through the rivulets with every stride. Her movements in the sea was amble and confident like she was Poisedon's very own mistress. So graceful, carefree and light afoot, The birds were jealous.   The sea … Continue reading Inhabit

Her greatest fear

Her new steps may hurt more than last. Her wings may break in the storm. Like a willow with no core, The wind will blow her side to side. She might trip, fall and freeze. But, Waiting was no option For, Her most visceral fear  Was to die standing   ©Aweni Image credit: _Jasmin_ via Daily … Continue reading Her greatest fear

A case of an imagined ugliness

  My beloved, Would you believe me, If I sang of how the sun rises From your arched brows, How your buttocks look Like twin moons, How the part of you through which you breath Is aquiline and cute, How your eyes sparkle like jewels, How your ears ooze perfection, How your skin is smooth … Continue reading A case of an imagined ugliness

In search

I'm  lost In my search Where do I go Whom do I ask What do I read If or when it comes If or when I'm told If or when I read Would I believe Or will I keep searching For what is right in front of me For what is closer to me than … Continue reading In search

The power of the quill

  Thoughts once befuddled, Words once scrambled, Flow out of his mind. A letter at a time. His quill, his medium, Bleeds to release them. To give them peace on paper. Troubled no longer, They will sway minds. They will open gates. His thoughts, Will be his currency. His words, His passport to freedom.   … Continue reading The power of the quill


Mumble, bumble! They all grumble! Living in a bubble, They were not humble Nor grateful. Until, POP went the bubble,  And out they all tumbled.     Image credit: Bilder meines lebens via Daily Prompt: Bumble

STOP the cutting

    Tête-à-tête In the beginning, they were but whispers of ample sized women. Mother was their queen. Then, father agreed.   Sealed! Stamped! My fate is decided. To the chalk faced man we must now head! Mother told me in her gentle voice, the rites must be done to protect my loins. Yet my … Continue reading STOP the cutting

What do we know?

    Those before Edison knew no light bulb. Or did they?   Those before the Wright duo, knew not of manmade birds. Or did they?   Those before Fleming, knew not of antibiotics Or did they?   Just a few years ago, you were told there were nine planets. Now you know better. I … Continue reading What do we know?